Usual Activities



There is a regular research meeting (almost once in a week) as a seminar of the entire laboratory, besides that, there are also study meeting for some of the laboratory students. Certainly, we also support the meeting one-by-one with the teacher. As the students come from various subjects (machine or electricity, etc.) besides information technology , we guide student according to individual background and aptitude. Firstly, the students will study from introduction of systems science (The Classic/Modern Control Theory or Machine Learning). Accordingly, continue with progressive study, the students will gradually advance to research level. Moreover, the research topic will be freely decided by each student’s wish.


Tea and Conversation Time

Once or twice a month, we hold an English conversation time called Tea and Conversation Time. Drinking juices and eating some snacks, we enjoy English conversation with Japanese students.



In the student room, many books and journals are available. Also, furnitures such as fridge, hot water dispenser, and microwave are well-equipped. For rest, and studying as well as discussion, this room is comfortable.



The welcome party for new comer and various events have been organized. Actually, the teachers also enjoy them together with students. We go on the laboratory’s trip every year.

Sports event

University’s Sports Events

We also enjoy the university’s sports event. We have won prize and been in high ranking in Marathon rally as well as table-tennis tournament. Next time we will aim at the victory!