Welcome parties and a farewell party held!

News on 28 Aug , 2019
we held a farewell party for an internship student, Mr. Florian. Thank you for your working! In addition, we also held a welcome parties for two internship students.

Welcome party for Florian and Zhu !

News on 20 Jun , 2019
We held the welcome party for Mr.Florian from Technical University of Munich and Mr.Zhu from Wuhan University. Welcome to our loboratory! And We hel the We held the birthday party for Prof. Sugimoto. Happy birthday to a great boss!

presented at Robomech 2019 in Hiroshima

News on 7 Jun , 2019
We presented at Robomech 2019 in Hiroshima which held in International Conference Center Hiroshima. Toshiki Sugino, Taisuke Kobayashi, Kenji Sugimoto, "Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning using Fractal Reservoir Computing for Quadrupedal Robot" Taisuke Kobayashi, "Reinforcement Learning with Hyperbolic Discounting"

Lectured at Science and Mathematics Course Science Meeting of Narakita High School!

News on 6 Jun , 2019
The following lecture was given to Narakita High School students in all grades of Science and Mathematics Course at the "2019 Science and Mathematics Course Science Meeting" held at Ikoma City North Community Center ISTA Habataki (Habataki Hall). Takumi Aotani, "Research of Reinforcement Learning Method for Group of Robots" The lecture was featured on Nara Television.

We held an open campus for students!

News on 21 May , 2019
We held an open campus for students on May 18, 2019 (Sat). Many students have come this year too. We introduced our research content and the atmosphere of our laboratory. Thank you for visiting. Also, our laboratory accepts questions or visits at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome Party!

News on 15 May , 2019
We held a welcome party for new students assigned to our laboratory. Most lab members joined and the party was very exciting!

We held our laboratory orientation and convivial party.

News on 4 Apr , 2019
We held 1st and 2nd our laboratory orientations. Our laboratory staff explained our laboratory philosophy and research topic. Moreover, we also held convivial party and served takoyaki and yakisoba. It is a bit early, but congratulations on entering NAIST. We are going to hold 3rd our laboratory orientation, please come to our labo!!

We held the farewell party

News on 22 Mar , 2019
After the graduation ceremony, we held the farewell party. The laboratory staffs and students enjoyed the last time with the alumnus. In addition, the alumnus were giving thanks to their own supervisors.

Graduation ceremony was held!

News on 22 Mar , 2019
Graduation ceremony was held on March 22, 2019. M2 and D3 students from our laboratory leave from this laboratory. Congratulations!! We expect to be active in the new place.

We held the spring seminar 2019

News on 26 Feb , 2019
Spring seminar 2019 was held from February 25 to February 27 at NAIST. The theme of our laboratory is "Let's find important web pages using random walk". Eight outstanding students participated. Everybody was working on the PC in good earnest.

We held the open campus

News on 23 Feb , 2019
On February 23, 2019, we held the open campus for students. There were a lot of students who came to visit, and it was a great success. We hope that you take our university exam and come to our laboratory.