Assistant Prof. Aoyama gave us a seminar!

News on 6 Nov , 2017
Assistant Prof. Aoyama from Intelligent Robotics and Biomechatronics Laboratory, Nagoya University gave up a seminar. (His laboratory HP is here ) His lecture content is "High-speed vision system for sensing and control." Thank you very much for taking valuable time!

Welcome party for Lukas held!

News on 20 Oct , 2017
We held the welcome party for Mr. Lukas Kaul from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Welcome to our laboratory!!

Welcome party held!

News on 13 Oct , 2017
We held a welcome party, which celebrate new research assistant Cui and international students (Han, Mei, and Zhu). Welcome to our laboratory!!

Article was posted at NAIST Edge

News on 20 Sep , 2017
Please refer to the following link, although the article is written in Japanese unfortunately. Bio-inspired Robotic Control

Lab stay 2017 was conducted

News on 18 Aug , 2017
We accepted two students of NishiYamato Gakuen high school, a designated school of "Super Science High School (SSH)" in Nara Prefecture, between 16~18th August. The practical theme was "Motion control by artificial intelligence of bio-inspired robot", and we tackled lectures and practical training on reinforcement learning. In practical training, we challenged implementing Q-learning and the r...

Prof. Miyoshi and Dr. Motonaka gave us a seminar!

News on 10 Aug , 2017
Prof. Miyoshi and Assistant Prof. Motonaka from Information Mathematical Engineering Laboratory, Kansai University gave up a seminar. (Their laboratory HP is here ) Each lecture content is as follows: Prof. Miyoshi: Bayes estimation and Markov chain Monte Carlo method Dr. Motonaka: Path planning and kinodynamical control technology of drone Thank you very much for taking valuable time!

Summer Seminar was held!

News on 8 Aug , 2017
We held a summer seminar on Aug. 7th and 8th. Although the schedule was changed due to typhoon, two people participated and learned the foundation of control and reinforcement learning. Also, in practical training, the students implemented reinforcement learning and successfully balanced inverted pendulum in simulation! Thank you very much for all the students who participated.

We went to the lab trip.

News on 3 Aug , 2017
We went to SHIGA prefecture as the lab trip from 8/3 to 8/4. In this year, We went around Lake Biwa!

Three months internship for international student

News on 26 Jul , 2017
Mr. Fournet Guillaum, a master student in Paul Sabatier University, joined our lab for three months internship from April to July 2017. During this internship, He tackled to control a real robot Baxter using a deep learning algorithm in order to assist humans in their everyday tasks. At the end, he successfully achieved his project, namely manipulating objects for cooking in combination with d...

Summer Seminar 2017 for Prospective Students will be held

News on 22 Jun , 2017
Summer seminar 2016 will be held in Graduate School of Information Science, NAIST Aug. 7 – 8. You can experience the cutting edge of the information science research during this seminar. Details are Here! We look forward to your apply!