Publication in fiscal year 2021 (Apr. 2021 – Mar. 2022)

Journal Paper

  1. T. Kobayashi, E. Dean-Leon, J. R. Guadarrama-Olvera, F. Bergner, and G. Cheng,
    “Whole-Body Multicontact Haptic Human-Humanoid Interaction based on Leader-Follower Switching: A robot dance of the “Box Step”,” Advanced Intelligent Systems, (2021)
  2. K. Sugimoto, T. Aihara, M. Ogura and K. Hanada,
    “Gain scheduling for sampled-data state estimation over lossy networks,” Transactions of ISCIE, to appear
  3. T. Aotani, T. Kobayashi, and K. Sugimoto,
    “Bottom-up Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning by Reward Shaping for Cooperative-Competitive Tasks,” Applied Intelligence, Vol. 51, No. 7, pp.4434-4452, (2021)
  4. H. Fujiishi, T. Kobayashi, and K. Sugimoto,
    “Safe and Efficient Imitation Learning by Clarification of Experienced Latent Space,” Advanced Robotics, (accepted for publication)

International Conference

  1. T. Kobayashi,
    “Proximal Policy Optimization with Relative Pearson Divergence,”
    IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, TuBT5, Xi’an, China (with online), 2021.06.01-03 (06.01).
  2. T. Kobayashi,
    “Adaptive Eligibility Traces for Online Deep Reinforcement Learning,”
    International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, pp.407-418, Singapore (online), 2021.06.23-25 (06.24).

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