Publication in fiscal year 2021 (Apr. 2021 – Mar. 2022)

Journal Paper

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  2. K. Sugimoto, T. Aihara, M. Ogura and K. Hanada,
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  5. K. Sugimoto, and W. Imahayashi,
    “Establishment of Strictly Positive Real Condition for Tuning MIMO Feedforward Control,” to appear in IEEE Control Systems Letters, Vol. 6, pp. 1454-1459 (2022)

International Conference

  1. T. Kobayashi,
    “Proximal Policy Optimization with Relative Pearson Divergence,”
    IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, TuBT5, Xi’an, China (with online), 2021.06.01-03 (06.01).
  2. T. Kobayashi,
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  3. W.E.L. Ilboudo, T. Kobayashi, K. Sugimoto,
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    IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pp.7828-7834, Prague, Czech Republic (online), 2021.09.28-30 (09.30).

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