Past Docter’s Thesis

March 2019

  1. Juan Esteban Rodriguez: “Synthesis of Practical Noise-shaping Quantizersfor Networked Control Systems”

March 2018

  1. Koji Ishihara: “Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Real-time Whole-body Control of a Humanoid Robot”

September 2017

  1. Cui Yunduan: “Practical Model-free Reinforcement Learning in Complex Robot Systems with High Dimensional States”

March 2016

  1. Daisuke Tanaka: “Manifold Learning from High-Dimensional Data for System Modeling, Prediction and Robot Tactile Perception”

September 2014

  1. Maricris Cuison Marimon: “Studies on Signal Processing for Local Ocean Wave Monitoring System, Prediction and Robot Tactile Perception”

March 2013

  1. Kazuyoshi Hatada: “Energy-Efficient Power Assisting Methods for Periodic Motions”

September 2012

  1. Shunsuke Matoba: “Finite-Time Control with Referenced Systemsby Input Transformations”

March 2012

  1. Tsutomu Takai: “Performance Monitoring of Alarm Systems for Plant Alarm Management”

September 2011

  1. Shigemasa Nakagawa: “Studies on Cooling Control of Hot Rolled Strip on Run-out Table in Hot Strip Mill”

March 2011

  1. Makoto Noguchi: “Studies on Feedback Error Learning Control of Prefilter-Integration-Type”

March 2009

  1. Kenichi Katoh: “SOS Optimization Based Stability Analysis of Time-Delay System with Application”
  2. Yukinori Nakamura: “Compensation for Ramdom Delay via Switching Observer and its Application”

March 2008

  1. Basel Alali: “Multi-input Multi-output Feedback Error Learning Control: Theory and Applications”

March 2007

  1. Masuhiro Nitta: “Studies on Application of Independent Component Analysys to Control Engineering”

March 2006

  1. Arata Suzuki: “Studies on Quality Evaluation Method of Systems via Discriminant and Independent Component Analysis”

September 2004

  1. Takuji Tachibana: “Studies on Performance Analysis of Network Architectures for Wavelength Division Multiplexing”

March 2001

  1. Naotoshi Adachi: “Studies on Jitter Behavior and Its Reduction Scheme for Multimedia Communication in ATM Network”