Master’s Thesis

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(*:Theme Research)


  1. Design of Gain-switching State-estimator Guaranteeing Performance over Lossy Networks
  2. Consensus-based Distributed Heuristic Algorithms in Generalized Mutual Assignment Problem
  3. Feedback Error Learning for MIMO Systems with Non-uniform Observability Indices
  4. Active Device Control Using Reinforcement Learning Integrated with Filter
  5. Imitation Learning with Implicit Selection of Optimal Demonstration
  6. Longitudinal Control of Platooning by Two-degree-of-freedom Structure with Online Tuning
  7. Improving Efficiency of Sampling-based Model Predictive Control for Real-time Control
  8. Sparse Representation based on Tsallis Statistics for Control in Low-dimensional Latent Space


  1. Deep unfolding-based stabilization for continuous-time systems
  2. Tuning Feedforfard Control based on Robust Control System Design
  3. Preference of Latent Dynamics Model Suitable for Horizon Prediction by Multi-Objective Optimization based on Augmented Tchebyshev Function
  4. Improving Robustness of Stochastic Gradient Descent Optimizers against Real-world Heavy-tailed Datasets
  5. Analysis Subjectivity for Optimization in Human-interacting Robots to Suit the User
  6. Extraction of Driver Attention for Shared Autonomy
  7. Deep Reinforcement Learning with Feedforward and Feedback Policies
  8. Safe and Efficient Imitation Learning by Utilizing Safety Area Suggested by Expert
  9. Continuous Authorization to Prevent Unauthorized Use of Partner Robots


  1. Improvement of Feedback Error Learning Control under a Strictly Positive Real Condition
  2. Instability Analysis and Mixed H2/H Control of Markov Jump Linear Systems


  1. Optimal Resource Allocation for containing epidemics by Geometric Program
  2. Continual-Hierarchical Learning using Reservoir Computing for Reusing Acquired Knowledge
  3. Gain-switching state-estimation and stabilization over lossy communication networks
  4. Convergence rate of average agreement problem in Activity-Driven network
  5. Biomechanical Energy Harvester Applicable to Various Movements
  6. Learning Deep Dynamical Models of Waste Incineration Plant from In-furnance Images and Process Data
  7. Variational Sparse Gaussian Process Policy Search with Complex Rewards
  8. Bottom-up Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning based on Sharing Reward between Agents


  1. Prediction Governor for Nonlinear Input Affine Systems And Its Application to Automatic Cruise Control
  2. Gaussian Process Policy Search and Its Application to Robot Cloth Manipulation Task
  3. Development and control of distributed lighting control system
  4. Policy transfer learning with appearance errors
  5. A Reference Shaping Technique for Servo Control Systems and Its application to Radio-Frequency Power Systems
  6. Response improvement by Two-degrees-of-freedom control system against temporal sensor signal loss
  7. Sample Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning with Raw Image and Application to Cloth Manipulation


  1. Practical design of prediction governors based on linear programming
  2. Mobile robot navigation by illuminance field
  3. State estimation under irregular delay and sensing failure
  4. Achievement of Putting Rubber Bands on Objects by Dual-arm Robot
  5. Learning Latent Features for Discriminative Intention Prediction using Gaussian Process: Application to Sit-to-Stand Assistance
  6. Reinforcement Learning QUantizer for Discrete-valued Input Control
  7. Fast Approximate Methods of Optimal Control Problems based on Compositionality Theory of Kullback-Leibler Control


  1. Active Touch Point Selection with Uncertainty and Travel Cost for Fast Shape Estimation of Unknown Objects
  2. Automatic Generation of Comfortable Care Motions for Transferring Assistant Robot using Bayesian Optimization
  3. Metaheuristic Based Design of Finite-level Dynamic Quantizers for Networked Control Systems
  4. Distributed Cooperative Control for Photovoltaic Generation Systems
  5. A Study of Feedback Error Learning Control Scheme for Non-minimum Phase Plant


  1. “Energy-Efficient Power Assist Control Based on Estimation of Disturbance with Frequency Fluctuation”
  2. “Electric Power Selling Price Control using Persuasive Dialogue System on the Electricity Market”
  3. “Tracking Control for McKibben Pneumatic Artificial Muscle System using Model Predictive Control”
  4. “Predictive Control of Hot-Rolled Strip Cooling Process using Variable-Resolution Model”
  5. “Feedforward Learning Control for Nonlinear Systems bu Introducing Offset Terms to the Multi-Inverse Model”
  6. “Dynamic Quantizer Design in Feedback Systems: An Approach Based on Serial Decomposition of Systems”*
  7. “Encrypted Controller for Security Enhancement of Networked Control Systems”
  8. “Reinforcement Learning of Dexterity Assist for Tele-operated Robotic Hand Based on Tactile Information”
  9. “Real-time Model Predictive Control with Two-step Optimization based on Singular Perturbation Transformation”


  1. “Learning Exploratory Behavior for Active Object Identification Based on Tactile Information”
  2. “A Walking Assistance based on Style-phase Adaptive Pattern Generator: Experimental Validation in Real Environment “
  3. “Estimation of blief related to Bayesian Nash equilibrium “
  4. “Extension of McKibben Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Model and Parameter Estimation Using Game-theoretic Learning”
  5. “Stability Analysis of Time-delay Systems based on Spectrum Computation of Monodromy Operators via Higher-Order Polynomial Approximations “
  6. “Extension of feedforward learning control ― dealing with nonlinearity and finite zeros ― “
  7. “Numerical Verification of Robust Model Predictive Control to Electrically Heated Stirred Tank System”
  8. “Eigenvalue Structure of the Predictor Feedback for Discrete-time LTI Systems”


  1. “Similarity Analysis of Sequential Alarms by Using Levenshtein Distance”
  2. “Robust motion discrimination from surface EMG signals with postural change by a Spatio-temporal Alignment Kernel”
  3. “Modeling of stochastic hybrid dynamical systems with inputs”
  4. “Safety Evaluation Method of Non-signalized Intersection Based on Highest Admitted Speed”
  5. “Estimation of pedaling torque by unknown input observer”
  6. “System identification from high dimensional data: An approach with input-output manifold learning”
  7. “Feedforward Learning Control by Scheduled Locally Weighted Regression”
  8. “Modeling of Steam Generation Process in Pressurized Rice Cooking”
  9. “Approximate Methods of Iterative Path Integral Stochastic Optimal Control”


  1. “Coordinated Walking Pattern Generation with Human and Environment Spatio-temporal Synchronization Based on Style-phase Separation”
  2. “Mobile Robot Tracking Control based on Locally Weighted Regression with Two-Degree-of-Freedom structure”
  3. “Motion Parameter Estimation for Visual Servoing with PTZ camera”
  4. “Approximation of Maximal Output Admissible Sets by Multiple Ellipsoids using Game Theory”
  5. “Robot Motor Skill Learning by Multiple Simulators with Modeling Errors”
  6. “Data-based Diagnosis Method of Multiple Blocked Channels in a Microreactor”
  7. “Study on Modeling of McKibben Pneumatic Artificial Muscle with Load Changes”
  8. “Task-oriented Inertial Parameter Estimation for Model-based Control”
  9. “Stability Analysis of Repetitive Control Systems with State Triggered Varying Delay”
  10. “High Precision Control of Robot Manipulator via Homogeneous P-PI Control”
  11. “Independent Component Analysis by projecting a learning law blind identification with application to disturbance rejection”
  12. “Settling time design method for continuous finite-time control”
  13. “Feedback Error Learning control applied to plant with finite zeros”
  14. “Roll stabilization of two wheel vehicles by multipurpose inertia rotor”
  15. “Studies on Topology Design for Improving Network Robustness in Network Virtualization”
  16. “Development of integrated switch on steering wheel for safe car driving”
  17. “Safety Evaluation of Driving Behavior When Passing Through a Non-signalized Intersection by Highest Admitted Speed”


  1. “Study on Hybrid Modeling of McKibben Pneumatic Artificial Muscle”
  2. “Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction using Attitude and Velocity Information of a Camera ―Proposal of Super-Resolution Process System and Modification of Control System―”
  3. “Synchronization of Network Interconnected Dynamical Systems : Modeling and Stability Analysis”
  4. “Study on Balance Assist Control for Effective Bicycle Training”
  5. “Mathematical Modeling of Pressure Rice Cooking”
  6. “A Study on Improving Fairness with Reinforcement Learning in Dynamic Lightpath Networks”
  7. “Gain Scheduling Control of Transformable Balancing Robot using LEGO Mindstorms”
  8. “3D Position Measurement System for Moving Objects based on Active Vision”
  9. “Studies on Stabilization and Stability Analysis of Predictor Control for Delay Systems”
  10. “Studies on Resource Management in Optical and Wireless Networks”
  11. “Studies on Bandwidth Auction Mechanisms with Network Coding in Wireless Networks”


  1. “3D Position Measurement System for Moving Objects based on Active Vision”
  2. “Reinforcement Learning-based Lightpath Establishment in All-Optical WDM Networks”
  3. “Energy Efficiency of Power Assisting Control Methods for Electric Bicycles”
  4. “Study on remote control with unknown reference for fulfill a constraint”


  1. “Spectrum of a Class of Integral Operators Related to Time-delay Systems”
  2. “Collision Avoidance for Four-wheel Autonomous Car Using Reachable State Area Represented by Zonotopes”
  3. “Dynamic Channel Switching based on Rank Accounting in IEEE 802.22 WRAN System”
  4. “Multivariate Time Series Prediction by ICA Deconvolution with Application to Finance”
  5. “Study on Online Calculation of Maximal Output Admissible Set by Ellipsoidal Approximation”
  6. “State Estimation based on On-line Sensor Outputs Selection”
  7. “Robust Visual Feedback Control of Inverted Pendulum System against Camera Misalignment”
  8. “Power Assist System Using Repetitive Control with FIR filter”
  9. “Studies on Fairness Improvement and Effective Wavelength Utilization in OBS Mesh Networks”


  1. “Studies on Analysis and Design of Networked Control Systems with Considering the Data Losses”
  2. “Studies on Robust Temperature Control for Cooking Appliances”
  3. “Remote Control Method with Consideration of Constraint and Tracking Performance ―Application to Security Camera System―”
  4. “Studies on Capability-Aware Message Routing in Large-Scale Heterogeneous Peer-to-Peer Networks”
  5. “Effect of Round Foot Shape on Stability of Passive Walking ―From Linearized Poincaré Map Viewpoint―”


  1. “Autonomous Vehicle Control Using Pursuit-Evasion game and Reference Trajectory Tracking”
  2. “Semi-blind Identification by Independent Component Analysis with Application to Disturbance Rejection”
  3. “Studies on energy-efficient control method for power assisted systems with periodic motion”
  4. “Studies On Design Method of Delayed Feedback Controllers via Interpolation”
  5. “Experimental validation of a remote control method under influence of network phenomena”
  6. “Visual Feedback Control of Inverted Pendulum Systems with Web Camera”


  1. “Generalization of Feedback Error Learning to MIMO Systems and its Stability Proof”
  2. “Off-line Path Planning for a Robot Arm by Discrete Time Compensation Law”
  3. “Remote Control of Mobile Object for Wireless Sensor Network”
  4. “The Effect of Switching Time on the Performance of Optical Burst Switching with Timer-Based Burst Assembly ”
  5. “Gain Switching Observer for Systems with Random Delay”


  1. “Reliable Transmission Schemes with FEC for Transmission of Multiple Bursts in Optical Burst Switching”
  2. “A Methodology to Improve the Car Controllability on Lane Changing Maneuver. -from the Viewpoint of Phase Characteristics- ”
  3. “Hop-Based Preemvptive Schemes for Fairness of Burst-Loss in Optical Burst Switching Networks”
  4. “A Servo Control System Design for Sound Source Tracking ”
  5. “Closed-loop Identification by Cascade-connection of a Degradation Factor”
  6. “Learning of Biologically Inspired Biped Locomotion using Policy Gradient Method and its Application to a Real Robot”


  1. “Control of Inverted Pendulum via Network Communication”
  2. “A Parameter Estimation of MMPP Based on Covariance Structure for Internet Traffic Modeling”
  3. “Trajectory planning of a Car-like Mobile Robot with Application to Garage Parking ”
  4. “Dynamic Low Error Transfer in Iransport Level for Burst Loss ”
  5. “A Study on Dynamic Rate Control Mechanism Based on End-User Level QoS for Streaming Services ”
  6. “Control Augmentation System Design Based on Integrated Mechanical Control System Design Approach ”
  7. “The Research about the Improvement of Lateral Tracking Performance of Mobile Robot ”
  8. “Blind System Identification Based on Independent Component Analysis and its Application to Control System Synthesis ”


  1. “Simple Available-Bandwidth Estimation for TCP in Wired-Wireless Networks”
  2. “H Control with Transient Response Shaping by Regional Eigenstructure Assignment ”
  3. “Control Systems Analysis via Independent Component Analysis”
  4. “A Game Theoretical Approach to Internet Pricing under Two ISPs Competition”
  5. “Vehicle Tracking Applied Gain Scheduled Control ”
  6. “Round-Robin Burst Assembly for Optical Burst Switching and its Performance Evaluation ”


  1. “Dynamic Light-path Configuration with GMPLS for WDM Networks”
  2. “System Identification and Disturbance Estimation via Independent Component Analysis ”


  1. “Performance Analysis of TCP over Wired-Wireless Networks with Go-back-N ARQ Protocol”


  1. “A Rate Adjustment-based Congestion Control Scheme for the ABR Service Class of ATM Networks”
  2. “A Generation Method of Pseudo Self-similar Process with Wavelet Transformation”
  3. “An Analysis on Storage Capacity of Associative Memory using the Distance between Patterns ”
  4. “Modeling and Performance Analysis of Cellular Networks with Handoff Calls Waiting”